Jewelry Repair

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Nearly every week someone asks if we can repair a chain, resize a ring or match a missing gemstone.

How repairs and adjustments are made is a mystery to many, so today we will discuss what you should expect when seeking jewelry services. First of all, jewelers are magicians trained in alchemy and have mystic healing powers…well not actually, but is does require skill, training and the proper tools.

1. When dropping off your jewelry, you should be told what tasks will be performed to get your jewelry item to the condition you desire.

2. You should be informed if there are options as to how your task could be performed and the expected completion date.

3. Once you understand what is to be done and the price, a photo should be taken of your item and presented to you with your receipt so that you are assured of getting back the item you left.

4. You should be contacted if there are any changes.

5. When the job is completed you should be contacted for pick up.

6. You should be satisfied with the quality of your service before you pay for it. Any issues you may have with the service should be immediately addressed and resolved with top priority.

7. You should be informed of any special care that may be required for your newly repaired item and also how often it should be checked. (Six month check-ups are standard, but with some items more frequency is suggested.)

You may be thinking, this wasn’t the most clever article I’ve read in a while, but you would be amazed at how complex a simple service repair can become if these guidelines aren’t followed. In our shop, items brought in for service, whether fun or heirloom quality, are treated with great care. The actual jewelry may not have large monetary value, but often the memory that goes with it is priceless.

Have a sparkling week!

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