On Being a Local Merchant

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We take being local merchants very seriously. We feel a responsibility to our customers, our civic organizations, our schools and our community. We raise our children here and pray that they are safe and happy.

We feel that everyone in our community should share in the joys and responsibilities that are part of being a good neighbor. We wish that common sense would prevail in all decisions but realize that human frailties sometimes interfere with good judgment.

We cherish small town living and believe that the advantages far outweigh the minor inconveniences. We have little patience with people who claim there is nothing to do in this town that is bursting with activities and arts like few other communities of this size. We gravitate toward citizens who don’t bother to wait for things to happen, but prefer to light the fire.

We collect sales tax that will be used to improve the local infrastructure. Through sponsorships and donations we support the arts, sciences and sporting activities. And when disasters large and small occur your local merchants are there to quietly make things whole as best they can.

Most local business owners are honored to live in this community and happy to contribute as their personal success allows.

Please give your local merchants a chance to provide you with products and services. You’ll be rewarded with a stronger community, not just economically but through the growing strength in relationships. Together we can all make this area an even better place to live and raise a family.

Shop globally and buy locally.

Have a sparking week!

Send your gem and jewelry questions to kent@kentjewelry.com. Kent Bagnall is the owner of Kent Jewelry in Downtown Rolla, Missouri –www.kentjewelryrolla.com.