Vitalium bands are the most innovative of all the contemporary metal rings. These rings are superior to tungsten carbide, cobalt chromium and titanium. Vitalium is near identical in look and color to white gold combined with the hardness and scratch resistance of some of the toughest known materials. Vitalium is the whitest of all the contemporary metals and is 100% hypo-allergenic, meaning that everyone should be able to wear them without risking any type of skin reaction.  Also, Vitalium is 2 times harder and more scratch resistant than Cobalt Chromium, and 3 times harder  than Titanium.  Unlike Tungsten Carbide, Vitalium will never oxidize or change color and is the about 1/3 lighter than Tungsten Carbide making it the ideal weight to wear on the finger.

Vitalium Band



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