Shopping Locally

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Don’t get me started on shopping locally…. Oops, too late. Here’s the deal: when you spend your money with local merchants a chain reaction begins. You and all of your neighbors benefit from this simple gesture. How? Let me count the ways:

  1. Sales tax generated helps pay for better schools, roads, parks, and more.
  2. Successful local businesses need to hire you, your friends and neighbors as employees.
  3. Local businesses donate to local charities and activities. The next time you are out of town or on the web buying something, ask them if they would donate to our local scholarship funds, church fundraiser, food bank, Cancer Gala, Special Olympics, school carnival, Russell House…. You get the idea. Ask them if they will buy an ad in our Optimist Club or Rolla Area Choral Society calendars, purchase a handful of Bulldog Athletic booster club cards or join the Rolla Band boosters, or the S&T Corporate Club… I could continue but you get the idea.
  4. Your local merchants will work harder and serve you better because they know you, your family and your friends and it just make sense to treat you right.  If we don’t, I invite you to tell us so. We are not faceless, non-caring, big corporations.
  5. Do you need a ring cut off of a swollen finger? We will open our shop anytime to help in an emergency. Try this over the internet.

Dollars spent locally are recycled on the average 6 times generating sales tax to….well you know (see above).

If there is a product or service you feel there is a need for in our community, talk to a local merchant or the Chamber of Commerce, you may discover that what you are looking for is already available or you may inspire someone to begin offering what you desire.

If you are looking for a product or service in our community and can’t find it, please contact me at and I will personally assist you in your search.

Have a sparkling week! And shop locally, but you already know that!