Jennifer Roam

I have an old Fossil brand watch that I've had for years (nothing fancy because I'm notorious for misplacing my items or my little girls want to wear my items and misplace things on my behalf). The battery died and I searched forever around my town looking for a jeweler to replace the battery - NOBODY will touch this brand! I called Kent Jewelry and the staff member was extremely friendly and guess what?! They replace the batteries for my watch! This jewelry store is about 35 minutes away but I made the trip there. It's easy to find with plenty of parking. The store itself is very inviting and open. I took my watch to the front and browsed while the battery was being replaced. It was nice not having a sales associate on top of me trying to push items off on me or suggesting things to me.

My watch battery comes with a one year warranty, the staff was just as friendly and inviting in person as they were over the phone and I found a few pieces I love that I will certainly be back for when I'm planning for the occasion. Oh! And something very cool. they have a jewelry stamper machine where you can create your own hand stamped jewelry to personalize it. I had a great first experience